Back working again- New Zentangle Etched Copper Cuffs - and other Designs

So being a bit lazy after Christmas and then catching some sort of flu - been sick for what seems forever - tired and sleepless  and just recovering - started  putzing around the kitchen
Started prepping some copper bracelet blanks- triming , filing and cleaning  ready for resist

Shining up some silver spoons so I can make some rings - note the circled one - might be worth about 45.00 - may be a few finds in my stash
Prepped some of the blanks with etching resist - zentangle
Prepped some copper butterflies to see how they might turn out
and finally a couple of different patterns I tried out on the copper bracelet blanks
Some of the zentangles went into the ferric chloride , the butterlies and the two different patterns. I was cleaning before bed so I'll have them cleaned up tomorrow to bend into bracelets and put a patina on and should have pics - I will say that today I applied the PnP much better - just is probably the practice practice practice - getting better the more I use it.

Working on a new sheet of Zentangles - based on Hearts  - I hope I finish this week and get the two new sheets to the rubber stamp maker so I can have before Valentines day to put up on Etsy .  I'll post a pic of the sheet when finished.

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