Fun Hand Puppets and I did a couple of loads of bottles

I put a kiln load on Satruday morning - and used my ceramic plates  for patterns
I had one bottle roll off the skulls ( but I put pieces under the edge of the mat so they cant roll to edge - another sort of shifted  and the flat sheet was fine
 The  nutcracker below was one of the plates I made for fusing patterns onto the bottles - worked great but it rolled a bit
needs cleaning but the image is crisp and clear (a bit offset but it worked ) 

I did another  load on Sunday - but used flat sided bottles so they would stay on the ceramic mold - 

Probably would have perfered a larger clear bottle so I could get all the skulls on the plate onto the clear portion of the bottle - but it worked 

These plates are make from rubber stamps into the clay and then I bisque fired them - 
all in all a good test 
but for my future plates I am making a base neck holder so they cant roll ! and will stay positioned 

On staturday also had fun with my grand daughter - making hand puppets 
I modified to simplify  from a video on You tube but these were fun to make 
everything I bought from the dollar store 

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