More Slumped bottles and making some new tiles for slumping

Well now I am slumping wine bottles for cheese trays - something I've wnated to do for years on my todo list for fusing  (sinks are on there too! but I need a bigger kiln)

I am going to sandblast/etch some with designs - even hand paint on others - I've started glass pattern designs which are turning out great  - no glass bottle is safe in my house -   the mason jars are next ....
Here are two  clear pop bottles  from yesterday and  two small milk bottles  still in the kiln from last night  (I am harassing everyone I know for wine and liquor bottles- probably drive them all to AA)

note the yellow spot - not exactly sure what caused it - bottles were clean and dry (I think)
so these will be spoon rests  - I am loving having the pattern on the clear glass 
its hard to see the pattern in these just yet - still very warm so cant take them out till tonight -  but it great to see what shape the bottles create when slumped 
again spoon rests 
I started to make new ceramic pieces and they have to dry first before firing but I made another sheet of same patter  and then one for christmas of a nutcracker and one with day of the dead skulls - both made from rubber stamps I have 

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