More Beads? More Crafts ?

You can never have enough beads
or crafts - picking back up with enamelling and enamelling beads
went to Panda Hall to buy the filigree - 200 at a time -  but hey are such a good price !
I cant wait to start again , found  lot of my other enamels , enamel pens, enamel crayons, lustres, liquids etc... and got them up to the studio.  the warmer weather is allowing me to stay up there - if a bit cool I have heaters but I cant wait for spring to really come.
Will be putting a french door into the garage door opening - having to lift the door all the time is a pain and it lets any heat out I have accumulated plus I dont have any windows or skylights so when I stay up at the studio I dont even know if its night or day and I miss out on the sunshine.

Hopefully I'llhave some pics of the studio and enamelling table (I have tables for everyting )

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